Autism Adolescents to Adulthood Transition Services

College Admissions Advising, College Essay Coaching, Homework Coaching, Organizational & Study Skills, Special Needs & LD Support

Ethospectrum ~ Autism Adolescences to Adulthood Consultant Services

Thorough thoughtful support for adolescents with autism transition to adulthood. Currently 14 yrs special education high school teacher with emphasis in Positive Behavioral Support Services for completing graduation requirements and develop post secondary goals strategies. EdD Educational Leadership & Social Justice / MA Special Education / BCBA Certificated / Autism Spectrum Certified

Consultant services include meeting at convenient location w/ student and family, attending IEP meetings for collaboration with current teachers and school officials. Continued monthly or bi-weekly (families request) in-depth discussions to facilitate effective program(s) for completing graduation and planning college and career development. 

Extensive experience transforming academic and peer/social engagements through development of intra-personal insights, shifts in awareness, social skills and self-esteem. Creative critical thinking program fosters confidence and competence for fulfillment of goal(s). 

Initial Consultation Fee $150 hr

Follow Up Communication Fee $75 hr

IEP Meetings Attendance Fee $100 hr

Courteny Gumora EdD

courtenygumora [at]

Region Served: 
East Bay
Middle school, High school
Courteny Gumora
courtenygumora [at]