AP Chinese Prep/Chinese Tutoring

AP Test Prep, Chinese

Hi, everyone

I am Katherine. I am experienced mandarin teacher who working in Bay Area about 9 years. I can teach different ages students from K-12 with various mandarin textbooks or handbooks. 

It is will be one-on-one online class in East Bay, in person class in Peninsula, personalized curriculum will fit each students with different level language ability. 

Price: Online class: $40-$50 per hour. In person: $50-$60 per hour ($10 commute fee due to High Fuel inflation.)

I also offering AP Chinese prep. Nowadays, Many high school students choose Chinese as their second professional language, it is become higher requirement than 5 years ago. I have been teaching AP Chinese prep class for 5 years. 90% of my students gained 5/5 of AP Chinese test result. If your kid planning to take AP Chinese test on May of 2023, welcome to my class. 

Price: $80/hour/students. Material: AP Chinese Prep with other variety textbooks.  

Language is a tool for communication, while you saying and practicing more you will feel more and more confident, Here is a good way to keep your kids learning more mandarin.  Therefore, if you are looking for online fun Mandarin class, a professional mandarin teacher with strong knowledge background to help your kids learn Mandarin feel free to contact me.

Thanks! Looking forward from you!


Region Served: 
East Bay, Peninsula, South Bay
Preschool, Elementary school, Middle school, High school
Katherine1252 [at] gmail.com