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All Subjects K-5, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Geometry, History, Humanities, Math K-8, Physics, Reading & Comprehension, Writing, College Essay Coaching, Homework Coaching, Organizational & Study Skills, Spanish


I am a certified teacher who’s been tutoring, teaching, and working in youth development for 20 years. I love working with young people, and I know from my experience as a student that some subjects are best learned one-on-one.

Through my work it has become increasingly clear that everyone conceptualizes and retains information in their own way. I enjoy intuiting how students are processing a given topic, and finding ways to complement and strengthen their understanding. For example, some people find math miserable until it's presented to them visually.  Others find Spanish difficult to remember until they make a chart, or associate words with gestures, or say them ten times fast - it just depends on what works best for the individual.

I also work with students on stress reduction.  Making a list of what needs to get done, and then distributing it over a calendar, so that students have confidence that everything will in fact get done on time, and they don't have to worry about it all at once . . . That can be very calming.

I have traveled around much of the world and have an insatiable curiosity, so I'm full of stories and strange facts to share. Students often find that having a surprising story to associate with what they're learning makes it much easier to remember.

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East Bay, Marin
Middle school, High school
Katherine Monahan
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