Nanny Survey 2008: Paying Social Security

Archived Q&A and Reviews

22. Do you pay the nanny's portion of social security and medicare (in addition to the employer's portion)?

No 83.2%
Yes 16.8%



will be 1/2 contribution to SS

Can't remember.

The au pair is resident of Norway and does not get those benefits

"we offered, and she refused."

she reports and pays her own share

"yes; we made sure that her take home pay didn't change when we started to pay taxes for her, so i assume that we do."

No. We did with our last nanny and it was a bookkeeping NIGHTMARE.

We cannot report her earnings as she is undocumented.

same as above

her portion comes out of her paycheck

we withhold that amount from her check and submit with our taxes

She pays her own taxes.

"we use to - it became to complicated with taxes, so we gave her a raise to cover it"