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Project Seed

yes they do have a summer program, though it is primarily a school year program for educationally underserved communities. Project SEED has been in existence for probably 30 years or more, has projects throughout the country. In one who can get their child into the summer program is fortunate, as it is excellent and is for all children. I used to teach for them in Los Angeles many years ago, and my child did the summer program here in Berkeley. At that time their offices were located on San Pablo, and the program was at the Berkeley elementary school which is located south of Ashby near the Claremont hotel. Just try the white pages.
AH (6/99)

The Seed Tutoring

Mar 28 2005

Pari Patten at The Seed Tutoring on Piedmont ave. is the most caring, patient and nurturing tutor there is . . . perfect for teaching all kinds of kids. I've seen her transform ''lost'' children into star pupils -- she instills dignity. We like that. Her number is 510-655-0934 or theseed [at] sbcglobal.net Stephanie

Study Smarter

Re: Seeking Several Tutors for College-Bound Teen
I think my best advice would be Study Smarter--it is based in Piedmont, but they work all over the East Bay. What I like about them is that they are professional career tutors, not just a continual revolving door of grad students. I've worked with many families who have had glowing things to say. Contact Joel Kosakoff, the director, or visit the website at www.studysmarter.com. Good luck! Rick G, College Admissions Counseling

The Tutoring Center

To the parent looking for a math tutor. My daughter has gone to the Tutoring Center (on Dwight Way) with Hamayoon as her tutor. She really liked him and felt he was very helpful. He was pretty flexible in when he could see her, more often as finals approached, etc. At first I was dubious since he works with a few students simultaneously but he seems to have it under control. My daughter likes the social atmosphere. Good luck. karen
I highly recommend the Tutoring Center, 2107 Dwight Way (corner of Shattuck) 849-2700, Homayoon Koushafar, Director. My daughter, who will be a freshman at BHS this fall, started there last October for help with Algebra and will be returning in a few weeks to get a head start on Geometry. I paid $30.00 an hour when she was going twice a week and $35.00 an hour for once a week.


An excellent grad student who has tutored my two boys in years past, is Bijan Yashar. He's a Masters student in Education and Fine Arts, is calm and precise, is on time, and is fairly reasonable with his fee. His contact number: (510) 665 5994 in Berkeley. ---Janine (Sept 2001)