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Nov 2015: This page is no longer being updated. Current tutor postings can be found in the top menu under Tutors & Teachers Available. 

Aug 21 2015

Hello beautiful people, I am Mikaela! I am a native speaker in Chinese and I am fluent in English. And most of all, I love teaching, because it is such an interactive activity; it builds up our human connection. At home I tutor my American husband every once in a while:) and we've had lots of fun doing it. You can learn not only the language but the culture with me. I am confident that I can provide you with an insightful view on the similarities and differences between American and Chinese cultures, especially because of my standing, a wife married to an American husband. Trust me! We will have lots of fun. Mikaela She shehaowen[at] 5103268878

Aug 12 2015

I?m Hsiu Wu from Taiwan, currently on behalf of Ministry of Education as a visiting student, finishing senior year in Berkeley. Chinese is my native language and I'm fluent in English, intermediate in Korean. In Taiwan, I major in diplomacy and minor in Teaching Chinese as second language. I was once Youth Ambassador to Latin America to share my teaching Chinese experience and culture. In my teaching life, my students are from US, Korea, Japan, Norway and Spain. I thoroughly understand what kind of obstacles student may meet and how to pass difficulties. Students won?t ONLY learn vocabu. or grammar; instead, I merge cultures into class to let students catch essence of Chinese. I can do so-called ?the core of ancient China? Chinese calligraphy. Though I?m from Taiwan where use Traditional Chinese and Mandarin Phonetic Symbols; however, I can still teach in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin depending on what students require. Please contact me if you are interested. Hsiu Wu junghsiuwu[at] 6266930498

Jul 13 2015

Hi~ My name is Allison and I'm a sophomore student in UC Berkeley. I'm a native mandarin speaker. I used to teach foreigners Chinese in China so I am familiar with teaching language skills. In the entrance examination for secondary school, I'm the first place of the writing skill part in my city. I can help you improving your Chinese reading,writing, speaking and listening skills. If you want to set up a time to study Chinese with me, please contact me as soon as possible~ Best, Allison (allisonwzq [at] 510-640-2658) Allison allisonwzq[at]

May 24 2015

I am a native-born Chinese woman. I tutor children and adults in Mandarin including reading, writing, speaking, listening, writing and recognition. I can teach both traditional and simplified characters. I also have extensive knowledge of Chinese culture, poetry, and traditional music and like to include these in my lessons. Zuzu Wang zuzu.wang8374[at] 5107785558

Mar 19 2015

Hi there, I am a student(20) from Singapore going over to UC Berkeley from summer studies. I was brought up and taught in both english and chinese, almost to a native level. I have stayed in China for a combined period of 2.5 years and have gotten distinctions for all my chinese- related courses. I do also have the ability to converse in Cantonese. I have had experiences with teaching students. Would really like to discuss about tuition opportunities with anyone whom is interested in learning the language. Contact me at burgertomato [at] Thank you Vanessa Ng[at]