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Family therapist or individual therapist for preteen(3 responses)
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Here are some things to know about the therapist reviews on the BPN website:
  • These reviews were all posted by BPN subscribers, who were responding to a request from another BPN subscriber asking for a therapist recommendation.

  • All reviews appeared originally in BPN's Recommendations newsletter or Parents of Teens newsletter, which are emailed to subscribers only.

  • We receive 3-5 new requests each week for therapist referrals. Many requests never receive any responses, and those that do, typically receive only a handful of responses.

  • Multiple recommendations for the same therapist could indicate a well-regarded therapist, but it could also indicate: (1) one person who has recommended the same therapist repeatedly over the years, or 2) a therapist who has asked her/his clients to post a favorable review to BPN in response to a recent question.