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  • Family therapist or individual therapist for preteen

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    We are desperately seeking an excellent family or individual therapist for out 9 year old.  She is an excellent student and very social but her behavior at home is out of control: defiant, angry, rude, aggressive with her little brother , drives us crazy and has gotten into a pattern at home we would like to break.  Please help with any recommendations in Berkeley, Albany etc areas. We would prefer a female therapist.

    thanks so much!!

    I highly recommend Rebecah Freeling. She has an office in Berkeley and this kind of behavior is her specialty. Her email is rebecah [at] rfreeling.com and her number is 614-769-3563.

    Lenny Levis in the Berkeley area has had 25-30 years experience with kids. He's great, and a dad himself.

    I would recommend East Bay Behavior Therapy Center.  They are all female therapists there.  Their website is http://eastbaybehaviortherapycenter.com/ and their phone number is 925-956-4636.  

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