Camp Molih Sukku

Oakland, CA
Nature & Outdoors
No longer in business
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May 2006

Has anyone had experience with Camp Molih Sukku at Holy Names University? Diversity? Supervision? My son's entering 1st grade, very active, still developing social skills, a tad shy at the beginning and then a big social guy.

This will be our third year at Molih Sukku, and we really recommend it. It is a wonderful, diverse, traditional summer camp on a beautiful campus. The camp (which is one of several summer camps at HNU) is run by terrific college-aged counselors that genuinely enjoy children and bring a great energy to the program. The counselors go by names like Cougar, Sir Martian, Feral, Clover... I know it's hokey, but the kids love it and that's what counts. The counselors really get to know the kids and are quite perceptive to their individual personalities and needs. There is very low turnover in the camp staff from year to year, which is really nice.

The camp has its own building at the entrance to the HNU campus. It is close to hiking trails and other outdoor activities that keep the kids happy and occupied during the day. In addition to the usual lanyard-making, tie-dye and arts and crafts, tthere are weekly field trips to places like Waterworld or Great America or the zoo (and in nice, air- conditioned coaches with bathrooms on board). The group also goes on outings to the Redwood Rec center (walking distance) about once a week and swims at the HNU pool at least two or three times weekly. There's lots to do.

Campers are grouped by age and assigned their own counselor. There has always seemed to be good supervision, and the kids seem happy at the end of the day. They're usually singing, playing games or doing something active at pick up time, not sitting around.

We also enjoy the optional weekly family potluck dinners, where you can get to know the staff and the other families. This is something that really makes the camp a special community. The potlucks are pretty funny. Each group of campers does a skit and the other groups are very supportive. It is nice bonus that the families have an opportunity to get to know the camp and the other campers as well.

This will be either the third or fourth year that it has been run by Susan Eggett (Zucchini). They have done a terrific job at building a class program, and the price ($200/week from 8 - 6) is one of the best deals around. The only problem we've had is how to spell the name -- Molih Sukku. Hope we see you this summer! Happy Camper