Bonnie's Premier Daycare Academy

San Leandro, CA

No longer in business

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Home-Based Daycare/Preschool
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Bonnie Saar
Bonnie [at]
San Leandro
Broadmoor District
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
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  • (July 2014)  CCLD lists this daycare as "Closed"

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Dec 2011

Re: Need Preschool/part time in East Oak/CV/SL area
Hi! Please check out Bonnie's Premier Daycare Academy. She's on the Oakland/San Leandro border. I wasn't sure when you said ''Part Time'' if you meant partial days (like 9-12:00) or full days (9-5) 2 or 3 days a week. She only does full days but does give you the choice of 2, 3, 4 or 5 days a week. It's actually a preschool, not just daycare, so don't let that throw you off. Here is her website: She's truly great! She has recommendations on the BPN website as well. heysook

June 2011

Re: academic full time preschool for 4 year old
Hi, Please check out Bonnie's Premier Daycare Academy. She's having a open house on June 4 as well. We were very excited and proud to hear that she won the Parents' Press award for Best Family Day Care in Alameda County and Best Pre-School (non-religious) in Alameda County.

My son attends Pre-K at Bonnie's and really loves it! His confidence in numbers, math and letters and writing has really grown this year. The kids there are all well behaved, work well together and respectful. This is due to Bonnie's thorough teaching of social skills as well as skills to have in a class/school setting. Her curriculum is amazing and fascinating as well. I am always impressed with her academic standards, her curriculum and how she approaches each subject in a way that makes the kids really excited to learn. She communicates exceptionally well with parents and gives assessments 3 times a year. I can't say enough great things about her: Please check her out!!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. heysook

March 2011

Re: San Leandro Preschools
Hi, I recommend you to check out Bonnie's Premier Daycare Academy in Broadmoor area of San Leandro.

Bonnie is a warm, energetic educator who truly loves her work. She is enthusiastic about every child she teaches and finds absolute joy in seeing them develop and grow. She treats the children with respect and teaches them how to communicate with each other. She is very communicative with parents and she gives very thorough assessments 2 or 3 times a year. She is also a great resource for Kindergarten and preparing the Pre-K'er for K-assessments.

It is a home environment where the kids feel safe to learn and play. She is constantly coming up with new learning materials, and ideas for projects. She is organized, her lesson plans are set up way in advance. She has a knack of seeing where the child is developmentally and challenging them from there. The children there are respectful to each other, focused and work well together.

My Pre-K son, who was always overshadowed by his big brother has come into his own while being with Bonnie. He is confident and speaks up for himself. He is very proud of his accomplishments this year.

Bonnie is a dedicated teacher and wonderful asset to our community. She really knows her stuff, check her out.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. heysook

March 2011

Re: Great pre-K programs in/near San Leandro
Hi, I highly recommend Bonnie's Premier Daycare Academy

Bonnie was the director at Smiles in Piedmont for 15 years, she is highly educated, and has energy you wouldn't believe. She loves and respects every child for who they are and has creativity and an acute intuitiveness to be able to see where the child is developmentally and meet them there. She is always coming up with new things, ideas, topics. She is prepared, she has her curriculum and lesson plans set up way in advance. So I encourage you to check her out.

My son has a late November 2005 birthday, so I was looking for a high quality Pre-K program, but more importantly, a director and teachers that know how to encourage, motivate and create an environment where the children have confidence to love learning and flourish. He is truly more than ready for Kindergarten at this point.

My son is blossoming with her and he is even amazed at the things he can do now. The group of kids there are nice, work well together, respectful and focused.

Another note to add is that we have been living on one (part time) income for about 2 years now. So, we either were going to send my son to an excellent, high quality Pre-K or, if we didn't find one, not send him anywhere. I am more than willing to sacrifice our limited budget to send him to Bonnie. Truly, she is an asset to San Leandro.

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. h.

I highly recommend Bonnie's Premier Daycare Academy in northern San Leandro. My son has attended this pre-school for 6 months and has learned so much in that time. Bonnie is very warm and encouraging, and she has created an environment that fosters fun and learning at each child's pace. Feel free to call me at 510-614-6650 if you have any questions. Melisa
August 2010

Re: Quality Preschool in San Leandro?
I have the perfect place for you...Bonnie's Premier Daycare Academy! Bonnie Saar was the Director at Smiles Day School in Montclair for 15 years and then served as the Director of Children's Services at the Davis Street Family Resource Center, so her experience is unsurpassed! She taught my three children at Smiles and they thrived with her. She is warm and nurturing, enthusiastic, highly organized and creative with the children. Her new program combines the academics of a premier preschool with the warmth and comfort of a home daycare. Your chid definitely will be prepared for Kindergarten, while also having grown socially and emotionally under Bonnie's care. She is truly committed to each child's success. I cannot recommend her and her program enough! You can contact her at... bonnie [at]

May 2010

Bonnie's Premier Daycare Academy is an exceptional early childhood education program for children 2 years, 9 months to 5 years and is now enrolling in San Leandro. Bonnie was the Director of Smiles Day School in Montclair for 15 years before leaving to become the Director of Children's Services for the Davis Street Family Resource Center. She taught my three children at Smiles and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is warm, nurturing and thoroughly gifted with young children. Her program combines the educational benefits of a premier preschool with the warm and familiar environment of a home daycare. Bonnie draws on her many years of teaching experience to help children grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. She has boundless energy and enthusiasm, and you will not find anyone more committed to your child's growth and development and success in education. Her slogan is true...this really is the ''right place for the right start.''
Contact: Bonnie Saar, bonnie [at]