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Reviewed on this page: Mei Chow Kwan, Maeve O'Regan, Catherine Wang
Aug 2011

Re: Seeking easy-going general practice doctor
I highly recommend Dr. Cathy Wang at Walnut Creek Medical Group. She is very relaxed and non-threatening, positive, and a good listener. I am picky about GPs and have been turned off by both the overly authoritative doc as well as the seemingly unsure. It is a family medicine practice. Good luck

July 2004

Re: Moving to Walnut Creek, need primary care physician
We see Dr. Catherine Wang in Walnut Creek. I found it difficult to find a primary care physician in WC. Most of the doctors that were recommended to me were not accepting new patients. After interviewing many doctors that we were less than thrilled with, my husband and I selected Dr. Wang and have been very happy with her. anon

We love our Primary Care Physician. Her name is Dr.Mei Chow Kwan. She is on Oakland Blvd. in Walnut Creek. 932-3798. Mimi
Mar 2003

I am planning to switch my medical group to John Muir in Walnut Creek and was hoping you'd have some recommendations for good primary care doctors (internal medicine, family care, etc). Thanks so much. Marjorie

Try Maeve O'Regan, MD. She used to practice in the East Bay Internal Medicine Group in Berkeley and Orinda, then moved to a practice in Walnut Creek. She's great. a former patient