Muir Primary Care (Alamo)

Alamo, CA

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My friends and I all take our kids to Muir Primary Care in Alamo. The pediatrians there are wonderful!!! It's located near the Safeway in Alamo. My daughter's doctor is Dr. Andrew Nash and he is the best!!!!! He takes time to listen and is very caring. I also love that he seems more on the cautious side. For every well visit he asks for my list of questions and we go through every one and he gives a detailed explaination to them.

The other things I love about this practice is
1. They have an advice nurse that you can call during the day for any questions.
2. They always have appointments available-I have never been turned down for a same day appt.
3. They have Saturday hours and Sunday they belong to a referral group where you take your child to the after hours office (the doctors all take turns working a Sunday). And when our doctor is not available I love all the other doctors in the practice!!!

Dr. Robert Kadas-is an older male and is the sweetest person. Dr. Marian Birdsall is a young female and is wonderful. There is also a Dr. Whyte and Dr. Hahn who we have never seen but are the doctors of my friends kids and they love them too!!! This is a very popular office because when I meet mothers at playgroups and shopping, often they take their children there too!! Good Luck Christine