Magdy Girgis, MD

Oakland, CA

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Nov 2007

Re: Looking For OBGYN
All my friends love either Dr. Girgis in Oakland or Dr. Angelyn Thomas in Berkeley. I go to Dr. Thomas and she's a youngish African American woman who went to Harvard. She's gentle, competant and all the friends I have referred to her are thrilled! Happy Patient

Feb 2007

Re: OB GYN in Berkeley or North Oakland?
Check out Dr. Magdy Girgis in Oakland. He's the best doctor I've ever had (specialty or no) and has been in practice for many years. He is patient, kind, caring. Can't say enough good things about him as a practitioner. Phone (510) 893-1700. 365 Hawthorne #301 Oakland, CA 94609. Claudia