Sheryl Kortright, DDS

El Cerrito, CA, Orinda, CA
No longer in business
Archived Reviews: 

From: Nancy (3/99)

I've been going to Dr. Sheryl Kortright in Orinda for many years, and so do both of my kids. The kids like her and I like her work. Her dental assistant Tracy is competent and friendly. A friend of mine who is terrified of dentists will only go to her. She is also a personal friend of mine. She takes Delta insurance.

From: Maria (8/96)

This is in response to the request for the name of a good dentist for small children. My family dentist is Dr. Sheryl Kortright (524-0661) and her office is located in the El Cerrito shopping plaza area off San Pablo. She has two daughters of her own (5 and under 1) and has been very good with my daughter who started seeing her when she was 2.5 and in desperate need of a cleaning.