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Camp where 11-year-old can learn new skills

Feb 2006

I would like to send my 11 year old to a camp or camps where there is really top notch instruction, either sports (for beginners) or the arts or technology-related. Any suggestions? want my kid to learn something and have fun.

Check out Kids' Carpentry ( They have a 6-week program beginning February 22-March 29 at their new Aquatic Park location (606 Bancroft Way, Berk.) Since 1982 ''Kids' Carpentry' ' has been teaching woodworking to children, kindergarten- sixth grade (5-12 years old). This is an excellent, year- round, after school math enrichment program. The kids build projects from scratch using a wide variety of hand tools, applied math, problem-solving, having lots of fun in the process. Director Michael Glass along with his wife, Jeab, co-teach the Aquatic Park program. Session 1 6 weeks. tuition: $89.00. Class Times: 2:30-3:45 or 3:45- 5:00. (session 2: 4/19-5/24). For registration call Michael at: 510-524-9232 or register online at

Carpentry camp for 6-year-old?

Jan 2007

Anyone know of any summer camps that involve cooking or carpentry for a 6 yo? They would have to be full-day. Lynne

Marin Primary over in Larkspur has a summer camp that includes carpentry. The woodshop on the school's campus is huge and is run by an experienced teacher. I toured the school last year and was really impressed. You can get details at
An Oakland mom

Building class or camp for 7-year-old

Nov 2003

Our seven-year-old loves to build things using blocks, legos, various plastic and Erector-set type kits, and recently, wood, hammer and nails. Currently he's enrolled in a great carpentry course at the Albany Community Center that he loves. I would like to tap into this passion and talent all the more because he is struggling with the academic demands of school and really needs a place where he can excel and feel good about his gifts. I checked the website for other options, but didn't find anything that seemed quite right for him. Are there any other courses where kids build things (perhaps a science-type course?) or a camp where building is a primary focus? My husband and I are not gifted in this area and so would have a hard time doing a self-directed project at home. Many thanks for your suggestions.


  • Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Monkey Business Camp

    Woodworking class for 10-year-old

    Feb 2003

    My 10 year old son is interested in taking a woodworking class. He's a novice. Any suggestions? Thanks! dhughes

    Try contacting the Bay Area Woodworkers Association, Jay Perrine at 408-367-8227, jperrine AT Also, associated with BAWA is Arnie Champagne. He runs woodworking classes. He can be contacted at 415-282-1704, Kathleen
    The Randall Museum in SF has a great classes that are offered after school and on weekends. They definitely offer woodworking for 8+ and also a family woodworking that you can attend together. It's really a great, affordable treasure if you'd be willing to travel over the bridge. linda

    Woodworking Class for adults

    August 2001

    I am interested in learning some basic woodworking skills to make small toys or simple furniture. Can anyone recommend a store that sells woodworking equipment, books, and also would be helful with advice or classes on small scale woodworking. Ideally I would love to find a place that offers classes and/or use of their tools, similar to the make your own pottery and scrapbooking places that I've see. Thanks! Jenharnish

    Laney college in Oakland has a woodworking class that is apparently very good (and cheap) taught by Keith Nason. I just signed up for the fall.. The college web site is and the class is listed under wood technology. Claire
    I would highly recommend Sherry Tharp's classe/workshops. She has a weekly wood working group going that has instruction and also gives you time to work on your own projects. She also has programs to teach kids woodworking that are very popular and the kids actually make some cool things. She's in Berkeley on Shattuck near Alcatraz. She should be in the phone book stephani
    Laney College offers a very good class (day and evening) on woodworking. The classroom is very well equipped and the instructor I had (Keith) was very knowledgeable. The first time you take the class you are required to make a small table. In subsequent classes you are free to make what you want (large or small) and do not need to attend lectures Claudia
    I took a woodworking class at Laney College. $14 per semester, 4 hour class one weeknight evening. I made a carved wooden spoon, and a walnut sideboard table. It is kind of an independent study type class where you decide what you want to make. There is an instructor to ask questions and show you how to use the equipment. You get access to a full wood shop with expensive equipment you would probably never own yourself. I thought it was a great deal and liked the instructor. lynn

    Where to Rent Woodworking Shop Space

    August 2001

    my husband needs to do three to five hours of sanding in someone's woodshop; does anyone know places where he can rent a space that's equipped with a table belt sander and/or a table radial sander? Jessica

    Call Sherry Tharp. She has a woodshop on Shattuck near La Pena where she has people come to work in her well-equipped shop on week-ends. She's in the phone book stephani