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May 2016

RE: Piedmont girls training choir?

My daughter is in Contra Costa Children's Chorus. Their practice is in Lafayette- so might be too far for you. She started choir in 2nd grade and loved it. The directors made it very fun for the kids and she did learn a lot. She took a break because they changed the practice time and it didn't work for us plus, as you say it is pricey. My daughter is now in Level 4, and is in 7th grade- she returned to choir last year. The formal training has increased tremendously and I now feel is worth the cost. During our break my daughter has tried a various of other choirs (that were free or low cost) that frustrated her because they never really taught anything. Check out their website. Linda

Dec 2005

RE: Singing lessons or choir for 5-year-old girl

the best place i've found is the contra costa children's chorus. they're in walnut creek/lafayette, so it's just a skip through the tunnel. their chorus goes from 5 to 18, i believe, and they are starting a program called ''metrognomes'' for 3,4,5 year olds. i think this is similar to kindermusik type programs, but has an emphasis on singing. their kids are phenomenal and their artistic director is great. she's had the kids on world tours (not everyone has to go, if that's too much for your family). any way, give them a call. it might be worth it. 925 945 7101 colleen

Sept 2005

RE: Chorus for 6-year-old girl

My friends have two children who are participating in the Contra Costa Children's Chorus which is located in Walnut Creek. It is amazing. They sang at the Vatican AND Carnegie Hall last year.

The age range is 5 to 18, I believe. They have solo voice lessons and offer an opera, too. From what I've seen, the teachers are talented and great with the kids. Many of the kids go on to careers in the arts. They also have a theatre arts camp in the summer.

If you're looking for voice lessons or a chorus or the experience of opera for your kids, I would highly recommend this. Their number is 925 945 7101 colleen