Yu Ming/OUSD Waitlist Decision-Making

I'm curious to hear from others who have had to make a decision part-way through the school year due to the waitlist timeline, particularly from private to public. It's my understanding also that the charter school (Yu Ming) has a rolling admission throughout the year, so we could come off the waitlist at any point and not just within the first two weeks of school like OUSD. What factors did you consider for staying in or leaving private, and were there any regrets? And of course all of this is complicated by the changing policies around handling the pandemic.

Our child will be entering elementary in the fall and we were waitlisted at our OUSD neighborhood school, the charter school, as well as all of the other nearby schools that we ranked. The school we got assigned to instead is across town so we declined it. Fortunately, we got into the private schools we applied to, put a deposit down on one, and have committed to paying the full next year's academic tuition by June. Part of me is glad we didn't even have the option to choose OUSD given what we've heard about this past year, yet part of me is frustrated that we don't have the option of enrolling in our neighborhood school until after having to commit to a private school. What's weighing on my mind is: What will we do when a spot opens up? Is the private school tuition worth it in the long term?

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