Wagon/Cart as Stroller Alternative

Any advice about using a wagon/cart instead of a stroller? I'd love to know if you've had a good experience going this route and if there were any must have features you relied on.  Also, if you have one you'd like to hand down or sell to us, I am interested. 

  • My kid doesn't like the stroller we have and I think he would like being in a cart where he can sit and play as well as look around and then lay down for a nap if it comes to that. 
  • Our neighborhood is very walkable and I would like to keep getting around on foot as much as we can. We do have a car, so I'd want the wagon to fit in the trunk when needed. 
  • I can't afford to buy a stroller that works for him now and then a cart in a few years when he is older.

Many Thanks!

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