Valley View Elementary

I can't find any recent reviews of Valley View Elementary in Richmond/El Sobrante.

Can any parents weigh in on the early years there? My kid starts kindergarten next year and when I called they said they didn't have any tours or information sessions planned for this year. 

What is a typical kinder or 1st grade day like? How much play time, how much time where they are expected to sit still at a desk? Do the teachers use public reward based systems for behavior or time outs? What is the teacher to kid ratio?

My daughter has been doing speech therapy through the school district and the teacher's style has raised a lot of concerns for me about developmentally appropriate expectations (she complains to me regularly that my 4 year old wiggles around in her chair while she tries to get her to complete worksheets geared towards the needs of the other kid in her class which are completely boring to her). 

My child has an articulation delay and likely mild to moderate ADHD and some mild sensory issues. I know public school will be best in terms of integrating services for her should she continue to need them but I find my self fearing that they are going to crush her love of learning and that the behaviors they need in order to effectively teach a class of 30 kids are going to overshadow their ability to meet my kid where she is at and create a supportive and fun learning environment for her. She is pretty adaptable and easy going so I think she could survive any environment but I want her to thrive.

Any insight into the school would be deeply appreciated.

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