“TMS” transcranial magnetic stimulation for ADHD

Are there any other parents out there with kids who are ADHD,OCD Tourette’s or on the spectrum and have used transcranial magnetic stimulation. I am being rejected from Kaiser although the places that provide this type of therapy which has no side effects as far as drug residual, but is very expensive, By our psychiatrist because he says there’s not enough research out there for young people, which in code is Kaiser doesn’t want to pay for it. I know that Kaiser already does pay for it from the centers that I’ve contacted one in Los Gatos and one in Berkeley here locally. They told me that on occasion they will approve of it for youth who have tried medication‘s and medication‘s. Do not work for them. I am currently researching it to try to figure out how to get around Kaiser or switch to PPO so that I can get it paid for. Six weeks of therapy, every day for five days is ranging between five and $8k if I pay out of pocket.

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