Tilden Prep or Fusion Academy feedback

What are your experiences with Tilden Prep (Walnut Creek) or Fusion Academy(Walnut Creek or Berkeley)?  Or if you know about both, what are the differences?  We are thinking of going to 1:1 education next year for our son who will be a senior in high school but has health issues and co-morbid anxiety from being home most of the past year.  His public high school seems like it is not going to work at all if he gets sick again.  We considered the Pacific Prep where the teachers come to your house, but he thinks he will be too lonely doing that.  So we are looking for a place that is very welcoming, has other high school students, and where it might work for a student with less than total robustness of health.  He could potentially BART to Tilden in WC,not sure about the two Fusion campuses, as both parents may be working depending on the hours.  Thank you for any info.

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