Therapist/group for moody, depressed teenage sporty son

I am looking for a therapist to help my neurotypical, sporty, 15 yr old son. He seems angry all the time, which I think is from depression, but he doesn't like to talk about anything emotional or personal with me or his father, so I am trying to find a way for him to open up to someone else. Does anyone have a therapist that would work for someone like him? He would describe himself as an alpha male, and he plays sports and hangs out with other alpha males. I would need to find a therapist that can appeal to someone resistant to talk therapy. Any suggestions? I am also open to support groups for teenage boys. Thanks!

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Hi -- I can't say enough good things about how Jonathan Wolfrum, LMFT supported our teen son. He used to be a high school teacher, presents to private schools in the area on teen issues, does parent and co-parent counseling when the kid won't go to therapy, and is just an incredible counselor. Our son is what you would call "Alpha" too and definitely "therapy averse" (not fully resistant, though(. Feel free to message me if you want more details. Jonathan [at]