Therapist, social groups for depressed nonbinary autistic 14 y.o?

I'm looking for recommendations for a therapist for my 14-year-old kid, who is autistic, trans/nonbinary, and exhibiting signs of clinical depression. He is verbal but prefers writing and drawing when it comes to self-expression, so someone with an art-therapy bent would be a good match; I am dubious of straight-up talk therapy in his case because I think he'd just spend every session sitting in the chair, shrugging, and doodling :). Any potential therapist absolutely must be supportive of trans kids; this is not a new issue (in fact, not an issue at all as far as we're concerned, even if parts of the rest of the world currently think otherwise) and it's not contributing to his depression.

Suggestions for social groups and/or social skills building opportunities also sought, as he has expressed interest. TIA.  

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