Therapist Familair with Addiction?

Hi,  It is about time I find myself a therapist to deal with my adult child's addiction!  I would like someone familiar with this disease, and with my disease of co-dependence.  I attend Al-Anon a 12-step program for Friends and Family of alcoholics, etc., but the day to day stress and sadness of the ongoing tragedy requires more tools.  As a perfect co-dependent, I have been too busy putting out the fires and raising my child's children that my self-care has been neglected.  I am doing well with not being an enabler any more, but the overwhelming grief is hard to shake at times.  I am looking for a warm, compassionate, skilled, and knowledgeable therapist who knows addiciton and its brutal aftermath on the family.  I have Medicare and Anthem Blue Cross through UC....I would like specific names of local therapists who accept this insurance and who are taking new patients.  Thank you!

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