Tenured prof seeks legal advice

My spouse is tenured and is having HR issues*. Can anyone recommend any AAUP legal experts? 

*not due to sleeping with students, having politically questionable POV, but for pushing back against the administration’s brutalism. 

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I have been a professor for 20 years and taught at four different colleges.  Every college I have taught at, and every other professor I have talked to tell me the administrators treat them like pond scum.  Have you tried the Ombudsman?  At the mismanaged colleges in the Bay Area, I know tenured professors’ jobs are on the line.  I know at one Bay Area College there's talk of a sizeable layoff of hundreds of tenured professionals.  My observations and advice don’t poke the administration you will lose.  They have more lawyers and money than you will ever have.  It’s also not a good time to be looking for other teaching jobs.  Enrollment are way down and colleges like Mills are closing or reducing number of classes and laying off tenured professors.  I would start by looking at the terms stated in the tenure contract.  She could also talk to her union rep, if she's a union member.