Teen photographer seeks group, gig, volunteer opportunity

My 16 year-old son is really into digital photography and Photoshop. Would be great if he could continue to grow his photography beyond himself. Anyone know of a teen photography group, program, gig idea or community volunteer opportunity where he could engage with others, continue to learn and maybe even contribute his enthusiasm and skill? He has good social and technical skills but at a loss for community opportunities. Thanks!

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Has your son looked into joining the school newspaper or yearbook? My daughter took her photography interest to the BHS Jacket and it not only improved her photo and organizational skills but also gave her a  strong social outlet.

I sing in a community choir and we will be needing a photographer to shoot us at our spring concert, which is Saturday, March 28, this year (volunteer; we usually find a family member with photography skills). If your son is interested, he can contact the director through the contact form on her website, https://www.ellenrobinson.com/anything-goes-chorus/. Tell her Carrie referred him.

Hi, If he's open to taking pictures in the pool, he can consider volunteering for snapkids.org. He can write to me at snapkidsdirector [at] gmail.com