Teen helper needed

I have projects galore, and tools and materials.  I would like to have a "buddy" so I can set a time to work on a project, and have the hands available to hold the other end of a board, help dig a hole, stretch fabric out over padding, special cooking projects etc.   (Happy to meet/talk with a parent first so they can get a feel for what I mean.  I have a fear that this would sound weird to some.)  The teen would be someone who likes working with their hands and would like to gain various skills.  At this point all work would be done masked, and outdoors or with good ventilation.

I'm looking forward to focus time, and company, and therefore fewer projects stacked up around the house, and the satisfaction of more completed projects :-)

$10/hr to start, could increase over time.

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Hello Neighbor,

I have a sixteen yo who is anxious to work and prefers more hands-on types jobs.  I would like to meet with you to discuss this job. 

Best regards,


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Minimum wage is more than $10 everywhere in California.  State minimum is $12/hour, but Bay Area cities have set higher minimums.  Check your city's minimum wage. Only babysitting and companion services are exempt from minimum wage in California (rules may be more restrictive locally).


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can you provide more information.  Can you tell us about yourself?  do you have project in mind or are you looking for a teenager companion?  I am confuse.

thanks is advance