Teen girl Therapist Question

Hello! My teenager daughter has some anxiety, social anxiety, worried about people judging her, feeling overwhelmed with school--I think some very usual stuff, but to a bit of a higher degree. She is in therapy through our insurance, and it is helping, but very slowly. I am seeing some of these posts about recommended therapists for teenage girls and I am just hoping for a general idea about length of therapy for some of these teens. I can afford to pay out of pocket, but not indefinitely! So, I know every one and case is different, but I'm wondering few months, few years? I am also wondering if people would advise someone seeing two therapists for a bit. I don't want to give up our spot with the current therapist because it took quite a lot of doing to find someone taking new patients. I guess I might be hoping for a bit of a jump start with someone who more specializes in teens. Thanks for any insight. 

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