Teen dog walker?

Does anyone have a responsible, dog loving, competent teenager willing & able to walk my 2 dogs for an hour mid day Tuesday-Thursday?  I can pay them a decent fee. We live in the Elmwood. 

because of dry conditions in the hills, & my doodles hairy paws & head, they keep coming home from their regular dog walker with foxtails & brambles in their beards & paws. They need an urban/sidewalk dog walk! 

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Hello! I have a 15 year old that LOVES dogs. She fully trained and has taken of our dog that we got during quarantine. If you are still looking, she is available to walk your pups until school starts (mid August) after that I am sure she still could but the hours would be a little different. 

RE: Teen dog walker? ()

Hi there! My daughter is 13 and has been walking our two dogs on her own for just over a year now. She's great with animals in general, but really loves dogs. I know she's a little on the young side, but she's very responsible and looking for little ways to make money. She would be at sleep away camp for two weeks, but would be available otherwise. If you'd like to meet her, let me know! We also live in Elmwood. 

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