Taking a leave from BUSD as an interdistrict transfer?

We were extremely fortunate to secure an interdistrict transfer spot in BUSD this year and I'm impressed with how the district is handling the pandemic. However, my child is suffering greatly with the isolation and loneliness of remote learning and I'm not sure how much longer this can be tolerated. The latest I've heard is that the high school probably won't re-open for on-site learning this semester and may not even be back to normal in the fall.

Here's my question...if I have to withdraw my child from BUSD so that they can attend another school that is open for in-person education, will they be able to re-enroll in Berkeley High School when things return to normal? (I realize that I can call and ask the district, but I feel so sheepish about this and hope that the hive mind of the Berkeley Parents Network will have the answer.)

Wishing everyone the best during these very challenging times.

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