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We have a few areas in our yard that we are looking for help selecting drought friendly/kid friendly greenery. I have an inspiration board and ideas but looking for someone with more knowledge to help guide selection of plants. I thought this might be a perfect opportunity for a recent landscape design/other student or grad to help build portfolio. I'd, of course, provide payment but trying to save a little money and also move quickly to get this done as I know local landscape designers are booked up currently. 

Any suggestions/recommendations besides emailing UC Berkeley Landscape design department? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I know a Cal Student who is getting her Masters in Landscape Architecture.  Isabelle is very talented and has worked a few years in a landscaping design firm, so has experience and a working knowledge of the process.  She helped us at our home in West Berkeley, with our backyard garden and our arbor over our patio.  Her name is Isabelle Doershlag and her email is: iadoerschlag [at]

Good Luck-Nancy