Sterne School vs Holden High for LD ?

I've done a lot of resarch on both but would really love some input on who is best served at each? Does one school do better with kids with more moderate (vs minor) learning differences for high school? Is one more for kids with emotional struggles? Specifically we are looking for a school for a child with working memory issues (along with dyscalculia) but no real emotional support needs. Both seem to handle dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, ADHD (he doesn't have all those, just seems like both schools do well with these) and seems like Sterne is great for kids with mild autism, but I can't get a real handle on which would be better for general LD such as working memory for a teen who might need course modification, but socially/emotionally is on par with his age group. Any input?? Thank you! (ps I did look at Bayhill too, but they are full)

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