Social network site for neurodiverse young adults to meet?

In this time of pandemic, and increased social isolation, our ND young adult kids are finding it a challenge to connect with peers to get to know and for possible dating. My kids confess that using the most popular dating apps has not yielded the quality, and authentic connections they had hoped for. As a parent, safety has been an ongoing concern because realistically, our kids are not as experienced at dating and may miss the subtle "red flags" of others on these sites. Is anyone familiar with and had experience using the new social app Hiki, which launched in 2019 and is apparently geared towards addressing the needs of the ND community with regards to meeting people for connection in a spirit of mutual acceptance of  ND differences? There may be others out there by now. Until life returns to "normal" or close to it, and the usual avenues for social opportunities open up, how are young people meeting others safely? 

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