Single mom in SF looking for a support network in the area


I'm a single mom to a 6-week old baby boy. My ex and I separated early in the pregnancy and he has gone from angry threats to claiming genuine interest in participating in my child's life, but to be honest I'm not sure how serious he is since he seems comfortable with me taking care of everything. 

I'm looking to connect with other single parents to share advice, do fun things together and support each other. Maybe organize a virtual or in-person group? Please reach out if you're interested!!



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Hi M, 

My name is Tina. My son is quite a bit older than yours (he's almost 4). But I have been trying to get away from my husband for the last 2.5 years. We are getting a divorce but it has not been easy. At any rate, I am in Chicago right now but I will be back in berkeley in the summer. Would love to connect at some point. 

Mazel tov on your baby!!!!!!

I have a good friend that is also a single mom in SF. She doesn't check out BPN so this wouldn't be on her radar but she always tells me she would love to connect with others that are in a similar scenario. Her little boy is almost 2 years old so there is big age difference but this worth connecting.