Seeking teens for weeding 1 hr/week

Location: near University & Sacramento (15 minute walk from BHS)

I'm looking for 2 or 3 teens to work an hour a week (or up to two hours) to weed out the oxalis that is springing up in response to the rain.  There will be other weeds to be addressed as the oxalis is taken care of.  I have the tools and will train and supervise (and generally work with the teens).  I'm a member of a 14 unit property and sometimes neighbors are interested in help for their individual gardens as well, if a teen is interested occasionally in some extra hours.

$10/hr to start, $15/hr for those who are committed on an ongoing basis, and have learned to recognize various weeds so are able to work more independently.

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Hello Neighbor,

I have a teen that would be interested in this position.  I would love to speak with you directly about the position.

Best Regards,


Minimum wage is more than $10 everywhere in California.  State minimum is $12/hour, but Bay Area cities have set higher minimums.  Check your city's minimum wage. Only babysitting and companion services are exempt from minimum wage in California (rules may be more restrictive locally).

I have a son who is interested - what day and times are you hoping for work to be done?