Seeking roofer for challenging roof

We are looking for a trustworthy roofer that can do a challenging partial re-roofing job and who employs competent carpenters.

Our house is a quasi-Craftsman stucco bungalow. A few years ago we had our tar & gravel roof replaced. Apparently tar & gravel was no longer an option. Hoping for a roof we’d never need to replace again, we opted for metal shingles. (Hah!) Our house has internal gutters, that is, the gutter is formed by the edge of the roof rather than attached to the edge. We also have rafter tails extending from the roof edge, and wanted to keep the style, which meant having the roofers build an internal gutter with sheet metal. The soldered joints in the sheet metal all failed due to temperature-related expansion and contraction, so the edge of our roof has leaked here and there into the roof decking. There are a few spots where I can see signs of dry rot, and no doubt there are more.

The upshot: we need a good roofer who can address the problem, probably by replacing the sheet metal or covering it with membrane roofing, and replacing any rotted wood. Competent carpentry is important, because the wood needing replacement is all quite visible.

We’d be grateful for any suggestions, particularly for roofers dealing with non-standard situations. Thanks!

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