Seeking Recommendations for house cleaner


We are seeking recommendations for a house cleaner. Also, wondering what the current rates are for cleaning services.  We are in San Leandro.  Thank you in advance!


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Rosario was recommended to me on mainstreet mama's and we've used her 3 times. She's solid - one of the things I like about her approach is that the house doesn't spell like chemicals after she's finished. Previous groups that I've worked with use pretty heavy duty chemicals. I also think she's trying to build up her client base so she's likely to have availability. I reached out to at least 2 other cleaners and both are currently booked right now. 

One caveat - she quoted me $170 (really standard for a 3 bed/ 3 bath) and then increased the price to $200 b/c she said it was taking her too long (we have 1 large living area - kitchen-dining-living room) + a TV-room. So FYI her pricing is a bit - flexible. 

Feel free to reach out and I'll share her contact info with you.

We love Noémi who has cleaned our house for a couple of years. It’s 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and we paid $120 for a regular cleaning. 
She doesn’t speak English but is great at using Google Translate on her phone if you text her. 
+1 (510) 860-3808

We love our house cleaner. She is affordable and reliable.

Her contact is Maria 1 (510) 253-6809

We have a wonderful house cleaner, who is very thorough. She charges $160 for a cleaning every two weeks of our 4 bedroom, 2 bath Craftsman home. We are in Oakland but I'm not sure where she lives so San Leandro might be fine for her. Feel free to reach out to me for her contact info. 

I have two recommendations:

Emilia Cruz, 510-978-8097 or 510-328-2323

She went on leave before the pandemic with a new baby and we haven't had her back as I'm getting chemo and am still isolating. She worked for us for about 15 years, is very dependable, honest, nice, and goes the extra mile. She usually works with a friend (although you can request her alone) and I paid her about $200-225 for three bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining room and playroom, and two bathrooms. Her rate was flexible.