Seeking housekeeper in Crockett

Hoping someone knows of a company or individual taking new clients in Crockett?
We’re desperately looking for a once or twice a month house cleaner to help with clean our 2500 sq ft home. We’re very Covid conscious with two small children and a new baby and are just struggling to keep up with our usually tidy home these days. 
Any recommendations or referrals are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I have a WONDERFUL house cleaner that I highly recommend.  Her name is Raimunda and she does an AMAZING job, is *incredibly* detailed in her work and a joy to work with. She will often find long lost toys underneath furniture and hidden away in nooks and crannies! :-) She has worked for us for 12 years and I completely trust her. She even has our house alarm code, so she can go in while I’m at work. She often will bring one or two friends to help her as well.  She charges us $200 for an every other week for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1600sq foot house. (She normally charges a bit more for the first deep-clean visit.) It is the best $200 I spend! I feel like I can have  so much more quality time with my kids, not having to constantly worry about cleaning the house. And to me that is priceless. Feel free to text/call her at 510.472.7609. Just tell her you were recommended by her client Deborah. Also feel free to email me at debg325 [at] for any questions I can help with. Cheers! Mom of 2 young daughters