Seeking Household Cleaner Recommendations

Our current every other week housekeeper is limiting her hours so we’re looking for someone ideally with Thursday or Friday availability (weekly or every other, depending on the rate) to clean our 2 story 2400 sq ft home close to the freeway in Crockett. We do have small kids and 2 very sweet non-shedding hypoallergenic dogs. 

Any recommendations or referrals for very trustworthy individuals taking new clients are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!!

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We have had our lovely housekeeper, Sonya, for several years, since my own 2 kids were very young. I highly recommend her. She is extremely trustworthy and reliable. You can contact her at (510) 504-5172.

Our cleaner, Sara Linares, is very meticulous, punctual, responsive and sweet.  Her rates are reasonable/comparable to others.  I highly recommend her--I've actually recommended her to a few BPN members already, and it sounds like they've had great experience with her as well. We communicate mostly in Spanish (with me using Google translate with texting). Her number is 510-712-4563.

I love our housecleaners! Can't recommend them enough. They are thorough, listen to your feedback, and are very trustworthy. They are more than happy to adapt to the needs of their clients (I at one point was limiting the cleaner types we used in the house or have had them focus on different specific areas of the house during their visits). The house always feels so fresh and bright after their visits. Feel free to reach out to Marcelo directly at 510-731-9466 or manager [at] You can let him know Arianna gave him your contact info!

I highly recommend Maricela Gomez. She has been cleaning for me for years. Exceptionally good cleaner, hardworking, reliable and honest. You can text her at +1 (510) 978-5713. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Best, Brenda