Seeking house cleaner - New Baby

Hi! We are looking for a house cleaner in the Richmond Annex/El Ceritto area to come bi-weekly. We have a new baby so safety is key! If you could also please let us know what they typically charge, that would be very helpful. Everyone I have contacted on yelp is way out of our range!

Thank you!

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We've just started using this cleaner in the past 2 weeks and she seems good and reasonably priced. She lives in Richmond. Since we haven't been using her long, I can't speak extensively about her. If interested, feel free to message me for her info. 

Our housekeeper, Tania Silva, is reliable and reasonable.  1 (510) 640-7125 and is in Richmond area.  

I would highly recommend Camila and Marcelo, a husband-wife duo of They are based in Richmond. We’ve had them for bi-weekly cleanings through two babies and they are extremely flexible and conscientious. Also very affordable- for our 2bd/1ba house they charge $120. 

Marcela has been reliable and reasonably priced for us in El Cerrito: 510-260-1533. She and her family are fully vaccinated- I think that's what you mean by safety during these times :)