House cleaner who has worked with chemical sensitivities

Hello! I am seeking house cleaning support for myself and my clients. Searching for someone who has worked with folks with chemical sensitivities and inflammation issues related to illness.

here are some of the precautions I’d like them to take:

  • All house cleaning products will be provided by client, and are free and clear, non-toxic. (includes mops, vacuum cleaner etc)
  • Are willing to wear a KN-95 mask the entire time you are in the house (provided by client)
  • Willing to rapid COVID test each week before the session (test provided) 
  • Are familiar with scent and chemical sensitivities, (no scented body products or clothing detergents, please!). 
  •  no outdoor shoes in house, please
  •  Bonus! experience with neurodivergence and trans folks!

If anyone can make a recommendation, it would be much appreciated! 



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