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We just moved into an old Craftsman in Rockridge and need someone to clean about once a month. I’m looking for someone who will be really thorough since there are tons of places in this house that catch dust. My former house keeper was doing a more and more cursory job the longer she worked for us so I’m looking for someone new. I’d also like someone who is willing to work around the baby’s nap schedule: e.g. clean downstairs whole the baby is napping upstairs. Any recommendations appreciated!

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We love our housecleaner, Noemi (who came recommended to us through another Rockridge family). She doesn't speak English but communicates easily over text (she uses google translate on her end, and will do that in person if need be too). We've found her to be very thorough -- she cleans the medicine cabinets, refrigerator, etc. without us asking for that (candidly we wouldn't notice or care if she didn't do it!). Happy to send you her number if you'd like. 

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Hi there,

I highly recommend our housecleaners. We also live in Rockridge and they come every two weeks. I am known to be very particular about cleaning and expect a lot from my cleaning crew as I myself am very detailed and already maintain the house in order. While we have had Dinora (and her sisters and mother) for less than a year, they have been great and we have been very happy with their work. Just to give you an idea of how picky I am, we’ve changed housecleaners 5 times last year as I haven’t been fully satisfied with the others, even though they were recommended.

I would say too that they are friendly, accommodating and will do what you ask of them. Contact is through Dinora who understands English well but the sisters who come are Spanish speaking and don’t communicate in English as much.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Good luck with your search.


Dinora: (415) 374-5427

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I can heartily recommend a very professional house cleaner named Ines. She has worked for us and several friends and has always done a fine and thorough job. One can rely on her to be punctual, friendly, honest and sincere. She is the kind of person who takes pride in her work and it shows. Her contact number is 510-967-0816 and is fluent in English.

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I’m happy to recommend our wonderful cleaner of many years at our North Berkeley craftsman home. Feel free to contact me at 510-882-5416/Mobile. Brenda