Seeking host family in Berkeley for 15 year old American from Berlin

Hello, we are looking for a family in Berkeley who would enjoy hosting my 15 year old son during the 2019-2020 school year. My son is American, but has lived his entire life in Berlin, Germany. He has attended a German-American school in Berlin where he had instruction in English (and German) since kindergarten. He has had a bilingual, but exclusively Berlin cultural experience. He is eager to spend a year in the United States to experience American culture firsthand. He was recently in the Bay Area and was able to tour the Berkeley High School with friends from the area. If at all possible, he would like to spend his 10th grade year at Berkeley with a family who would enjoy having an addition during the school year. If a year seems too long, a semester would be wonderful too.

This may be an unusual request as he is American and speaks fluent American English without an accent (albeit you may notice some quirky expressions or choice of prepositions). However, due to his American citizenship he is not eligible for the regular foreign exchange programs. Also we have our heart set on Berkeley which seems like the ideal place for him. I have contacted the Admissions Office at Berkeley High School who informed me that there will be some paperwork for the host family, but once his residence is established he can immediately attend the school. I will do whatever paperwork I can from this end.

If you think you might be interested, we would love to hear from you. Although I am partial – he really is a great kid!

In his own words he writes,

Hi, I am looking for an American school experience with a host family. After living my entire life in Berlin, a change of scenery and people is something I have been wanting for a long time. I visited Berkeley High School with friends and was intrigued by its massive student body and its many activities. The school curriculum sounds great, but most importantly it is a real American school. I am a responsible and trustworthy teenager. In my freetime I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, watching TV, and doing sports. As a guest I would be respectful towards the house rules and gladly help around the house. I am curious about America and hope I will receive a reply.

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