Seeking current comments on AUSD experience, esp. elementary

Hi everyone!  

I will have two children eligible for the Albany schools in the next few years and I'm trying to get a sense of the current experience of parents and students at AUSD.  

I've read most of the existing posts on AUSD, but there is not much post-COVID and I've heard that things have changed since then but don't really know what that means.  

I would really appreciate if anyone has input on any of the following:  

  • How do you find the general quality of instruction at Albany schools?  
  • What is the average student-teacher ratio (I heard it increased after COVID)? 
  • How is teacher morale?  
  • Any thoughts about how the different elementary schools compare post-pandemic and post renovations?  
  • How do aftercare programs compare for elementary?  
  • Do kids at OceanView have trouble keeping friend groups with more turnover?  
  • People tell me that now inter-district transfer is a possibility.  I'd like to stay in Albany but I've heard numerous people state that Berkeley is better for enrichment activities, diversity and other factors.  I want to make sure I'm doing my due diligence - has anyone experienced both districts recently and have an opinion about whether it'd be significantly worth it to transfer?  

Thanks so much for any input you can share!   

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