Seeing advice re: Emerson CDC Preschool in Temescal, Oakland

Hi there - 

My daughter is currently in a nanny share which we love, but now that she's almost 2 my husband and I are beginning to think ahead to future childcare/preschool options in our area. 

We live near Emerson Elementary in Temescal and have heard that they have an early childhood CDC program for kids ages 3+. I am struggling to find much information and/or reviews online. Wondering if anyone here has experience with this program and would be willing to share their thoughts. 

Thanks very much!

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Hi! I don't have info about Emerson CDC, but since you're in the neighborhood and looking for local/nearby preschool options, just wanted to put in a plug for Duck's Nest on 41st Street (cross street Gilbert, just up from Broadway). Both my boys went there and we just loved it. The teachers, the admin, the physical/outdoor space were all great. I didn't want you to miss it in your search, if Emerson CDC doesn't work out! They start taking kids at 2 years old (maybe a bit before) and don't require them to be potty-trained. Good luck!