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My ex is pressuring me to agree to hire a 'parent coordinator' to help us communicate and he is insisting on Alison Urdan. I cannot find any reviews for this person on BPN, and the reviews on other sites are mixed. I'm already frazzled beyond repair trying to co-parent with an aggressive (malignant) narcissist, and would be most grateful for any suggestions or advice from the community. There is no money for a lawyer and I am pretty much done with the court system. Thank you in advance.

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Our experience with Alison Urdan was very, very bad. She was also "chosen" by my ex, and in my misguided trust of the court I agreed. I cannot tell you badly I regret that decision.

I can message you the details, but here are some highlights: Alison Urdan repeatedly verbally and emotionally abused my children (to the point where they secretly recorded a meeting with her just to prove it to the court); caused my children physical harm by ordering them to participate in sports while they were injured (soccer with a broken leg); refused to report my ex's physical harm of the children to CPS even though she is a mandated reporter; visited my ex's home and met with the children during his visitation time yet refused to meet with me or speak to me at all; repeatedly filed false reports with the court; told the court that I should stay at my ex's house to save money even though she knew I had a restraining order against him for eight years of domestic violence; sent me fraudulently high invoices while not charging my ex at all; cashed my checks then refused to credit the funds to my retainer and claimed I still owed her money and demanded additional funds; took possession of my children's passports without my consent; threatened to make orders without my input unless I paid additional funds; and refused to return my children's passports unless I paid additional funds.

Throughout this entire time (many years) my ex just sat there laughing at me. This had been his plan all along, to use her to torture me and the children since the restraining order prevented him from doing so. I pleaded the court to terminate her appointment, with no luck. After she made three separate attempts to extort money from me I finally contacted law enforcement. Their report states that she violated the state penal code against felony extortion. Unfortunately, they told me I'd need to follow up with the FBI, at which point I gave up.

In the process of dealing with the fallout of having Alison Urdan involved in our lives, I started meeting other women whose lives had been similarly destroyed by her. There are quite a few, and yet Alameda and Contra Costa courts still allow her to operate in their jurisdictions. Most people are afraid to speak up or take action of any kind, because they fear she will influence the court to sanction them, jail them, or take away their children. 

Parent coordinators have all the power and authority of a judge, but no accountability, as there are no moving papers, no hearings, no reporters, and no witnesses. They also have the same judicial immunity as a judge, so if they cause you or your child harm you cannot sue them. Plus, they are entirely unregulated and can do whatever they want, charge any hourly rate they want, and bill as many hours as they want. 

Co-parenting with a narcissist of any sex/gender is difficult, but not nearly as difficult as extracting yourself from the toxic tentacles of a corrupt court officer. My heart goes out to you. I will message you privately as well. 

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If you look on you can find the reviews on her.  Alison has unfortunately acted in favor of abusive men, such as in my situation.  My child was subject to taking tests & meeting other professionals who put him through so much stress. This could have been easily avoided if she had just performed a balanced job.  That is not a “child-focused” provider. I asked if my child could call me when he first slept away from me at dads house and he needed the support. She did not support any of the requests I made but only fathers requests. I do not recommend her at all. 

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My experience has been beyond bad and I would never recommend her.  She is unethical, and not child centered.  She does not respect boundaries and has increased conflict with my coparent and I, in an already hostile relationship.  She manufactured things about me, and attempted to threaten me into allowing her to make more decisions in our case as opposed to the one thing she was appointed for.  She still is fighting to stay on my case for coparent counseling despite me making it clear I am in no uncertain terms comfortable with her as a therapist.  I wish I had never agreed to work with her.