Review of Le Port Montessori or ECDC?

My son is 19 months old and we are thinking of transitioning him to a preschool/daycare environment at some point (currently with a nanny).

We live near the Oakland/Emeryville border and have looked into Emeryville Child Development Center (ECDC) and Le Port Monterssori with a preference for ECDC as it is closer.

Would appreciate feedback from parents with recent/current experience with either school! Also, are there others nearby we should be considering? The primary limiting factor for us are the hours - we are ideally looking for a 7/7:30am start with 5:30/6 end.


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If you don't mind a short drive, also check out The Model School in Berkeley. They definitely offer the hours you're looking for, and currently have spaces in their toddler group. Our son attends this school, and we're really happy with his teachers and the program!