regular housecleaner w/deep-cleaning experience/availability

I'm looking for a housecleaner who can do both regular cleaning and specific deep-cleaning projects: for example, doing a regular clean 2x/month and also coming for a few hours on an "off" day or week to deep-clean the refrigerator or stove, take a toothbrush and Comet to our ancient grout, etc. Ideally this person or people could come on weekdays. Our house is a 3/1 in Berkeley. I know how much time and effort this kind of work takes and will be happy to pay someone great the rate they deserve to do the projects we just don't have capacity to tackle. I speak conversational Spanish. Thanks for recommendations!

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I would like to recommend my housecleaner, Gloria Acetun for this type of work.  Gloria has worked for my family for several years now.  Excellent quality work.  She works with a team of family and established long term workers.  They all work together very well.  I usually need to be at home while they are here and they are great to have around.  She speaks English but Spanish is her native language.  She can do both the weekly clean and also deep cleaning.  Dependable with great communication skills.  You can text or call her at 510-395-4375.  

Hi! I have a wonderful housekeeper. She is lovely and very flexible about what she does. She regularly cleans my house 2x a week and is happy to take on whatever "projects" I have for her. We're going to move down to 1x a week because we have a nanny starting who can help with some of the kids stuff. I'd love to find her another home to go to. Beyond doing regular cleans, specific projects, etc. she is also a brilliant organizer. Let me know if you're interested. 

Maricela Gomez is exactly who you’re looking for. She has been cleaning for me, family and friends for several years - both deep cleaning and maintenance cleaning. She has time in her schedule. You may text her at +1 (510) 978-5713. You’ll be glad you did! Brenda

Our house keeper is looking for more work. She does routine cleaning for us so I can’t speak to her deep cleaning skills specifically, but we have been satisfied with her work and she’s very reliable. She is primarily Spanish speaking. She doesn’t have a car so you do have to provide the cleaning supplies (which I prefer anyway because I’m picky about chemicals). We pay $200 for an every other week cleaning for a 3/2 house in Berkeley. 
Her name is Sonia . I think she prefers texts - in English or Spanish is ok as she uses google translate. (510) 830-9771