Rec.Soccer for 11yr. old boy

Hello BPN, 

My son has been playing on the rec. league in EBU for about 6 yrs and has had an overall good and fun experience. He's moving up to U14 in the fall - the only one on his team that must move up. He's got great skills and could really benefit from a team that knows/is learning how to - work the field/ run plays/ know positions better/ and overall strategy.  So, I'm wondering if there is a team like this out there that's looking for another player. We live in North Oakland and willing to drive 20/30 minutes to practice. I'd like to avoid just having EBU throw him in the shuffle and instead find a decent team he can thrive on. He'll be attending Claremont Middle School in Oakland in the fall- maybe there are kids there with a team already?? We are not interested in the competitive league. Any leads/suggestions are appreciated! 

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