Realtor for Estate situation

Hi there.......we are looking for a realtor who can help us navigate the purchase of a property that is involved in a contentious trust / estate settlement.  This involves a mutli-unit building that has been on the market now for 6+ mo. in the El Cerrito/Albany area and has not had any offers that we are aware of or have been disclosed by the attorney representing the trust (and the trustee). The trustee and the beneficiary both are represented by lawyers and only communicate via lawyer to lawyer.  The beneficiary placed an offer on the building a few mo. ago and it was declined (I will spare the details) so we are trying again so it is on the record in the event of litigation.  This realtor would be representing the beneficiary so we are looking for a realtor who is not afraid to be very assertive and shall I say diplomatically & professionally pushy & aggressive and is familiar with estate lending and sales. 

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