Program/service for young adult son (19 y.o )

hi there- my 19 y.o. high school graduate son is floundering. super bright, adhd, executive function challenged,  not academically oriented but creative, and has much to offer-- just doesn't know how to harness his strengths and is fighting against a low stamina for boredom and trouble motivating. However, he is willing to have some help (other than parents) to figure out what he could be doing that is more meaningful and enduring than babysitting. So we are looking for a hands on coach, program or anything that can help him head in a meaningful direction at this juncture. Not looking for a traditional therapist or a college counselor (especially because college may be off the table anyway) but a dynamic person that can help him figure out what he wants to and realistically can do. we are in san francisco but are willing to travel to a really good person.. any advice/ referrals are welcome!

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Your son is perfect for community college.  Have him take classes to figure out what he likes and doesn't like.  Our education system is so messed-up it's taking bright smart kids and turning them into zombies.  This is what happened to my son and daughter.  After one semester of college both of their attitudes changed completely.  They now see a future and look back at 6-12 as a horrible time in their life.

You could try a coach, but instead of having someone tell your son what to do, why not let him find out what he's interested in and what he likes.